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Technology, innovation, aesthetics, respect for nature, artisanal craftsmanship, passion and availability

Via Fossa, 5
Follina (TV) | Italy

+39 0438 85450

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Our products


All of our products are created with respect for the environment, and are FSC and PEFSC certified. We also guarantee a high-quality product that is safe for health.
Our main objective is to concentrate and develop decades of experience with the passion and creativity of a young, yet strong company.
The values we refer to are those that lead to excellence through commitment, professionalism, and specialization of a team of experienced collaborators.
Today more than ever, the wooden flooring industry needs innovation, expertise, and services.
From these principles, we were born – Due Ci Elle.
Wood is a material created by nature since its origins, and we transform it by designing flooring that is always up-to-date, ensuring durability and beauty over time.
We offer a wide range of products, from classic planks to herringbone patterns, from squares to large-sized boards, and we also create custom solutions according to the customer’s needs.

For every need

Our wooden floors



Wooden flooring should be installed in environments with a relative humidity ranging from 45% to 60% at a temperature of 10-23°C.
It is very important to check before installation that the location is suitable, windows are installed, all systems (plumbing and electrical) are functional, and the environment is finished and painted.
The subfloor must be level, clean, and not exceed a humidity level of 1.70%. In case of higher humidity, it is recommended to consult a flooring specialist and possibly use a vapor barrier (e.g. primer).
In case of installation on pre-existing floors (e.g. terracotta, ceramics, marble, etc.), it is recommended to consult a flooring specialist and use a suitable adhesive product for the insertion of specific glue or underlayment. In case of heated screed in operation, it is recommended to install a humidifier to maintain a relative humidity between 45% -60%.
Our wooden floors receive a protective surface treatment that, if properly maintained, will preserve the characteristics of the wood for a long time, protecting it from wear and dirt.
It is generally recommended to remove dust with soft cloths, a fringed broom, or a vacuum cleaner; regularly clean the floor with a damp cloth and water and a specific neutral soap for floors.
Do not wet. Particularly stressed floors can be protected with appropriate natural waxes for pre-finished floors.
Do not use alcohol, ammonia or solvents that could damage the coating.
If the floor is rough, the finishing treatment with solvent or waterbased varnish, oil or wax, etc., will be applied on-site by the installer after the installation of the floor itself.
The type of maintenance required will depend on the type of finish. The relevant instructions and recommended products will be provided by the installer.
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